Kawasaki Ninja

When I was in high school, cars and bikes were my greatest fascinations. I was too obsessed with them that I'd spent all the money I gather to buy auto magazines like Fastrack and Top Gear, every month. I knew about all the new cars and bikes on the road, their features, specs and I kept myself up to date on that depot. Sometimes I engage in deep discussions (of childish standard of course) with my friends with similar interests on these matters. But now I'm long past that. I'm not obsessed with them anymore, I don't buy auto magazines now, and I don't even know what comes out of factories. I'm here to share some leftovers of my obsession.

At some point in those times, I decided to draw some of the stunning bikes and cars myself. It all started when one of my friend Jishnu one day came with his drawing of a Suzuki Hayabusa and showed it everyone. He drew from the Fastrack magazine I had bought then. His drawing was a crude one and I still have it in my possession. But that inspired me to try drawing one myself. I came back home and drew the same Hayabusa with pen and some color pencils. It was way better than his drawing and that was a start. I started drawing more like them often. Note that all this was happening 6 years ago from when I'm writing this.

This is a Kawasaki Ninja I drew; the last one in the series. A few days ago I took a pic of it on my phone and colored it on Photoshop.

kawasaki ninja drawing

Original version

kawasaki ninja drawing

Colored version


Date published : 12:51 PM, 10-06-2017, Saturday
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