Witamy 2.5" SATA Caddy for Laptop SSD and HDD

witamy 2.5 inch sata caddy 9.5mm version

SanDisk 120GB SSD installed on the 9.5mm caddy

I bought this for my Toshiba Satellite C50A-i2012 laptop at Rs.429 (incl shipping). It was delivered through Delhivery. I've been thinking of upgrading my laptop with an SSD for a while now. Recently I bought the Sandisk 120GB SSDPlus SSD for Rs.2.3K from PrimeABGB. My laptop had a 9.5mm ODD so I bought the 9.5mm caddy. There are other variants available of the same. So make sure you buy the compatible one.

Product Details

  • Product Name : Witamy 2.5" SATA Caddy 9.5mm
  • Item Description : Metal caddy to replace existing 9.5mm Optical Disk Drive (ODD) on laptops with 2.5" SSD or HDD.
  • Manufacturer : Witamy (Rebranded Chinese product)
  • Price : Rs.480
  • Country of Origin : China


  • Thickness : 9.5mm
  • SATA Version : SATA2 and SATA3

Inside The Box

  • 1 x 2.5" Caddy
  • 1 x Philips Screwdriver


  • The 9.5 mm version and fit perfectly inside my laptop.
  • The product is as per the description and images shown and is of good quality.
  • It's made of Aluminium and had a protective plastic coating on one side when I opened it. You need to remove it before installing.
  • Comes with a small Philips head screw driver. It is compatible with all the screws.


  • The instructions were ambiguous and labeled in the wrong orientation. They say about a "caddy latch" but nothing like that was found on the caddy itself.


  1. Remove the protective plastic covering.
  2. Use the Philips screw driver to retract the four screws that fastens the SSD to the bay. Two screws are headed and two are headless (set screws).
  3. Insert the SSD into place and slide it in.
  4. Use the screw driver to fasten the four screws that secure the SSD in place.
  5. Remove the ODD from your laptop by removing one screw (usually) from the back of your laptop.
  6. Detach the "L clamp" from the ODD drive and fasten it onto the caddy. Caddy has two holes (one for screw and one for pin) on the exact location for that.
  7. Carefully push in the caddy into the laptop's ODD tray.

Installing or Migrating OS

If you're using the new SSD/HDD to load an operating system, then follow the steps given below for Windows 7. Note that most of the laptops that are 2 or three years old, or low performance ones come with SATA 2 ports. SATA 2 has a max speed of 3Gbps (375 MBps). But today's SSDs are SATA 3 capable with speeds up to 6Gbps (750 MBps). So you need to install the SSD onto the fastest port available. You can use Piriform Speccy to determine which ports you have. If both SATA ports of your laptop are SATA 2, then you can install it anywhere. The caddy's output connector is a SATA + Slimline power connector. So this might confuse you as it is different from the SSD's or HDD's connector. Slimline connector is a reduced version of normal SATA power connector. So it doesn't affect the speed.

  1. When you want to install OS to a 2.5" SSD or a new HDD, presumably you are already having an OS installed on your existing HDD/SSD. If you want to keep that installation, you can easily "migrate" (copy) the entire existing installation to the new SSD/HDD. Use the Migrate OS to SSD option found in the MiniTool Partition Wizard program to copy your installation. For this to work, you need to "delete" any partition on your destination drive and make it "unallocated". You may need to restart the computer to complete the installation as per the prompt.
  2. Choose the option B if you only want to move your C drive where OS resides.
  3. Once the copying is complete, restart the computer and enter into the BIOS settings. There change the boot priority to the new drive first.
  4. Boot to any of the drive. In my case, the system booted from my existing HDD.
  5. Use the Partition Wizard software to delete the installation on the source drive and restart the PC to complete it.
  6. Now you have moved your complete OS to the new drive. If you see the "System Reserved" in My Computer, just remove the drive letter assigned for it. As you have deleted the C partition, the new drive will get the C letter assigned to it automatically. So no need to worry about that.
  7. Create a new volume on the unallocated space on source drive and use it for anything else.

secro usb 3 card reader read test screenshot

OS migration wizard in Partition Wizard software


witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

Plastic layer

witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

SATA receptacle

witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

witamy 2.5 inch caddy for ssd hdd

SATA + Slimline connector

snadisk 120gb ssd

Sandisk 120GB SATA3 SSD

snadisk 120gb ssd

Sandisk 120GB SATA3 SSD


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