Philips SHM7410U/97 PC Headset with Mic Review

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I bought this for my friend. He wanted a good quality headphones with decent sound and microphone. This Philips SHM7410U/97 turned out to be the best for his application. It is not intended for music, but still produces adequate quality sound for its size and price.

Product Details


  • Cable length : 3m
  • Connector : 2 x 3.5mm
  • Type of cable : Copper
  • Acoustic system : Semi-open
  • Magnet type : Neodymium
  • Frequency response : 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance : 32 Ohm
  • Maximum power input : 100mW
  • Microphone cartridge : 4mm
  • Sensitivity : 106dB
  • Noise Cancellation : Yes
  • Speaker diameter : 32mm
  • Type : Dynamic
  • Sensitivity microphone : 50-15000 Hz, -42+/- 3dB

Inside The Box

  • 1 x Headset with mic
  • 1 x Stereo + Mic adapter

Quick Review

PROS : Good build quality - Noise cancellation - Comfort fit - In-line volume controller - Dedicated mic on/off switch - Split audio and mic plugs with separate joiner - Flexible mic hand - 3m cable length

CONS : Jacks are not gold plated

Detailed Review

The rating in figure 5 is a measure of what we get for the price - to - what we expect at this price.

1. Build quality (4.8/5)

The build quality of this headphones is really good, especially the plastic used for the body and cables. The cables are soft and easy to fold. The mic handle has flexible insulation which makes it easy to position the mic the way you like. The cable is 3 m long and so easy to use with any laptop or PC. It has separate 3.5 mm mic and speaker jacks. If your PC has separate ports, you can directly plug into them. But if you have a single port for both mic and speaker, then this product comes with an adapter that has two ports and one jack at the end. The adapter is of good quality. The 3.5 mm jacks have gold plating (or similar) for better electrical connectivity. So you won't experience any noise that might be introduced by loose contacts.

2. Comfort (4.8/5)

On-ear headphones doesn't exert much pressure on our ears. The padding is enough for prolonged use applications. You need to adjust the headband for a perfect fit.

3. Sound Quality (3.8/5)

This is of course not meant for audiophiles, but basic Skype calling, gaming etc. Still the sound quality found to be decent on this. I tested it on PC and mobile phone. There's no distortion at any volumes. So it's perfect for general purpose use (it's better way than any Zebronics or iBall ones).

4. Microphone Quality (4.6/5)

The sound recording quality is excellent. The microphone has high gain, cancels noise and records without any noticeable distortion. But that doesn't mean this is for high quality recording such for your YouTube videos but serves the purpose up to my expectation.


I would recommend this to anyone who wants a basic headphones that has good build quality. The price is a bit high compared to other cheap brands, I know. But the quality is better than any of those headphones I've seen. So if price isn't a problem and you want your headphones to withstand some wear and tear, this is a good choice.


philips shm7410u pc headset

philips shm7410u pc headset

philips shm7410u pc headset

philips shm7410u pc headset

Mic on/off switch

philips shm7410u pc headset

In-line volume controller

philips shm7410u pc headset

The mic hand is flexible

philips shm7410u pc headset

philips shm7410u pc headset

philips shm7410u pc headset

philips shm7410u pc headset

Use this adapter if your device has a single jack for audio and mic.

philips shm7410u pc headset

philips shm7410u pc headset


Date published : 6:57 PM, 29-01-2019, Tuesday
Last updated : 7:09 PM, 29-01-2019, Tuesday


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