These are a collection of reviews of products I have personally used. I used to write detailed reviews on Amazon India but not anymore because Amazon won't accept honest reviews anymore. I was once Top 100 reviewer there with rank #64. But who needs Amazon when I have a beautiful website here.

Writing documentation has become a passion for me. I always try to write comprehensive reviews with high resolution images which I think the reason why I become a top reviewer in a short time. But I would never claim my reviews are perfect because there are many aspects of a product that could be bad from the perspective of an other person. I write reviews based on my perspective and experience. That could vary from person to person. Make sure to read as many reviews possible and watch review videos before making any purchases. Please let me know your feedback on these reviews if you found them helpful.

One thing to keep in mind - the rating of a product is determined based on "what we get for the money to what we expect for the money we pay". So for example, if a cheap headphone is rated 4.8 and a costly branded headphones 4.2, that doesn't mean the cheap one is better than the costlier one. Instead, the costlier one did not offer enough features for the money we paid, but the cheaper one did.

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