LD2088 Audio Codec IC

ld2088 audio ic

LD2088 IC

The LD2088 is an audio codec chip often found in Chinese made portable MP3 players. It can read mp3 files from SD memory cards and NAND flash memories. It also have an FM radio function. The chip includes all the functions required for a portable mp3 player. I had one mp3 player with this IC when I was in school. I think the origin of the chip is Malaysia. It is available in TQFP (thin quad flat pack) package. The chip is still available in all those Chinese websites but not anywhere else. There is no proper documentation or datasheet or any other information on the web regarding this chip. I had done some research about this chip on the web a few years ago and had found one application note. But the link is now dead. I had took a printout of the pdf then and I'm sharing it here for anyone who needs it. I even created a facebook page for this chip! (Yeah that's right, I'm a fan of it) :

Pinout and Schematic

ld2088 audio ic pinout schematic

LD2088 pinout and basic schematic


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