INSAS Rifles

INSAS or Indian Small Arms System was a program to design and manufacture infantry weapons indigenously by India. INSAS 5.56mm assault rifle is the standard infantry weapon of the Indian armed forces. The rifles are designed and manufactured by Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) and Ordnance Factories Board of India. The INSAS family includes a standard 5.56mm assault rifle, a light combat 5.56 Excalibur rifle, Kalantak micro assault rifle, Amogh carbine, an LMG called JVPC (Joint Venture Protection Carbine) or MSMC (Modern Sub Machine Carbine) and the latest MCIWS. These rifles have not photographed that much (at least for documentation purpose) and none of the available are definitive. So I decided to edit some of these images found on the web and share them here. The origins of the photographs are unknown (if you are the owner any of these content, please mail me). The aim was to just add some definitive and high resolution images of these rifles. I got only three of them here.

Standard INSAS Rifle

indian army insas standard assault rifle

Standard INSAS Rifle

INSAS Amogh Carbine

indian army insas amogh carbine rifle

INSAS Amogh Carbine version

INSAS Kalantak

indian army insas kalantak gun

Kalantak Sub-machine Gun


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