Yeah, I'm an SMD too

i'm an smd too

Subject : A photograph of a Novoton W78E052DDG 8-bit microcontroller in 40 pin dual in-line package whose pins are bent 90° degree outwards, placed on a 6V Lead-Acid battery. Photo taken with Motorola Moto G2 at location Karunagappally, Kerala, India.

Theme : A hypothetical character 40 pin DIP IC says "Yeah, I'm an SMD too" as an argument to the viewer because his pins are bent 90° and so he thinks he can be considered as a surface mount device (SMD), technically. DIP packages are through-hole components and are meant to be soldered by inserting them to predrilled holes and soldered on pads on the surface of the PCB. Through hole components like 40 pin DIP are usually large because of convenience as they're usually placed and soldered manually by hand. SMDs on the other hand, are small and designed to be placed and soldered by automated pick and place machines. SMDs reduce size of the PCB, give more area for tracks and are cost effective than THT components. So his statement is in contradiction to what SMDs are really meant for. He even defend himself by asking You got a problem with that ?" to anyone astounded by his statement or trying to prove him wrong.

Facts : People, especially makers or hobbyists sometimes actually do this to save space on a perforated PCB.


  1. Surface mount technology - Wikipedia
  2. Through-hole technology - Wikipedia


Date published : 12:52 PM, 04-05-2016, Wednesday
Last updated : 1:42 PM, 04-05-2016, Wednesday


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