I Am Responsible

i am responsible

Subject : A picture of human brain in a black background with quote "I'm Responsible!"

Theme : Human intelligence was an unexpected result of evolution. Nature never thought she'd loose control over the process of evolution. At least that we can conclude. Humans have come a long way since we started the process of thinking. We're intelligent, we're self aware of existence and we can defy the law of nature, the same laws that are responsible for the evolution of intelligence. But for a human it's no surprise, because any system, be it theoretical or physical, complex enough can support intelligence. Once the human brain evolved to a state complex enough to support intelligence, the effect was exponential, we started farming, we colonized, we learned how to make fire, learned how to find food, how to kill other animals, how to stay warm in the winter, how to use metal, started mining coal, started transporting it, started building roads, bridges, buildings, weapons, learned to prevent epidemics, started observing the sky and predicting weather, started collecting and recording information, pass it to the future and... and we're here. We've become a collection of more than 7 billion intelligent brains. What all these humans do ? They think and act based on their thinking. Not all the brains got the same level of intelligence, it varies. Due to this, the actions of a human collective can not be predicted on the basis of the IQ of a single brain, but the average of all brains. The average IQ (though IQ is not an absolute measure of human intelligence, that's the closest thing we currently have) of the human population is still very low, below 100 and decreasing every year. This reveals a major problem with the human society and could be the most probable reason for the ongoing anarchy such as terrorism, extremism, riots etc and also the goodness of our world. So in a way, or may be definitely, human brain is responsible for everything. We're not perfect yet to become a great society.

Fact : The number of neurons in an adult human brain is roughly estimated to be 100 Billion !


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Date published : 2:48 PM, 04-05-2016, Wednesday
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