Favourite YouTube Channels

My favourite and may be some of your's, YouTube channels. This is not a complete list. For a complete list go here : If you have a channel suggestion, let me know about it.

Vsauce needs no introduction, everybody knows him.

One of the most famous Physics related YouTube channel with an element of truth.

Collection of compilation of the most interesting facts of life, science and history, and one man.

Learn from the experts.

Facts about everything.

Gives you full insight of events that only progress very slowly and usually unnoticed by the media.

GreatScott! has a great collection of electronics how tos and project videos in his channel.

Explains you everything on science with added humor.

Teaches you how to live a better life.

The source for high quality short documentaries and videographics.

You can learn anything.

Stories from a woman who loves to travel alone on her BMW.


Do you have a craving for sophistication of engineering and science ? This is for you.




I always wonder about where and how the food I eat everyday is produced, what processes they went through etc. It's a pleasure to watch the videos from this channel with a beautiful host.

This is what it says.

For documentaries.

Probably the best place to find high quality documentaries on everything happening in the world. I always wonder how these guys do it.

Your daily shot of random stuff from the Internet.


Have some aboriginal German humor + electronics of course.

Strange Parts is famous for making an iPhone outside of an iPhone factory. And why would someone do that ? Strange right ?

Explains you the important aspects of things you're ignorant about but make our everyday life the way it is.

YouTube's favourite kids show.

The beauty of computing in every bits.

Here you learn about rockets, planes, satellites and all other exotic flying machines.

He talks about the politics of modern day technologies with comprehensive analysis.

High quality and enjoyable electronic tutorials.

Detailed electronics tutorials.

How you pronounce it doesn't matter. All what matters is that this channel produces the most beautiful illustrations for storytelling. Every frame is a work of art of colors.

Engineering in detail.

Learn Physics with simple pencil drawings.

He breaks phones in very creative and scientifc way.

Mostly logistics.

Home for unique experiments, comparisons of electronic modules and cool projects made with them, from Swiss.

Another channer worth subscribing if you're into guns!

My favourite channel for digital camera (mirrorless especially) reviews.


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