Favourite Websites

My favourite tutorials and resource websites. This is not a sponsored list or anything, but my personal suggestions. All links will open in a new tab. If you have suggestion for this list, please let me know about it.

"Together, we can make the internet a better place"

Well explained electronics tutorials with a lot of practical information.

A well designed electronics tutorial website.

Has many tutorials, projects, products on IoT and other embedded systems.

If you want to make for the web, you have to learn the languages of it and there's no better place than W3Schools to do that.

The source of all of my wallpapers. It was built from the ashes of Wallbase. RIP Wallbase <3

Convert any files from one format to another without any registration or intrusive ads. It's fast, clean and completely free.

A comprehensive set of basic electrical and electronics tutorials with beautiful diagrams and example circuits.

A tutorial site similar to Radio Electronics.

A website for AVR microcontroller tutorials and other resources.


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