Favourite Project Websites

This is a list of project websites and blogs - of individuals or groups - that I've come across while exploring the web. Most of these are personal project websites of hobbyists and professionals who are having interests like electronics, computer, programming, hacking , DIY etc. Many of them really inspired me to create my own project website, especially the one of Kerry D. Wong's which is my favourite of all. Not all of these are my "favourites" per se, but I thought of listing them all anyway. Hope you will find them useful and someway inspire you to create one of your own.

This is not complete list and has no specific order. I will keep adding more sites as I find them. If you're owner of any of these websites and want it to be removed, or you own a similar website and want it to be added, please contact me.


Date published : 3:17 PM, 19-05-2016, Thursday
Last updated : 03:56 PM, 14-04-2019, Sunday


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