Year's Broadband Usage : 2016

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I always make these type of infographic at the end of every year. It gives me an instant insight on what my broadband usage was like and how much I spent for it. This year my internet usage surpassed 1 TB for download. That may not be a jaw dropping number for you, but it's really for me when considering the fact that where I live, internet speeds and ease of access is still at its rudimentary state.

For the first 5 months I had a 1 Mbps (please don't consider that I'm boasting about it; they're just numbers) connection for which I was paying Rs.582 per month. Then as per a special reduction offer from my ISP, I upgraded the plan to 2 Mbps (250 KBps) truly unlimited one, for which I have to pay Rs.1034 per month. After all, it was a nice upgrade. More speed means that I can get things done more fast. Still, I don't use the connection to its full potential because I only used about 10% of the available bandwidth for download. My upload has increased from the previous 21% to 35% this year; though my upload speed is the same. Following are the statistics and how I calculated them.

Speed Cost Max. Bandwidth Download
5 Months (150 days) 1 Mbps Rs. 2,925 1544 GB 235 GB (15.22 %)
7 Months (210 days) 2 Mbps Rs. 7,245 4325 GB 491 GB (11.35 %)
Total = 12 months Average = 1.58 Mbps Rs. 10,170 5869 GB 726 GB (12.37 %)

Total download (PC only) = 726 GB

Total download (Mobile) = 60 GB

Total upload = 391 GB

Average monthly charge = 10170 / 12 = Rs. 847.5 / Month

Theoretical cost per GB (download) = 10170 / (5869 + 60 ) = Rs. 1.715 / GB

Actual cost per GB (download) = 10170 / (726 + 60) = Rs. 12.93 / GB

That's all about it. But something else is worth mentioning - JIO. There's a been lot of buzz around this. People are going crazy about this, in both directions. It's the first time general population of India is offered such a high speed internet access for "free". If you don't know what JIO is : they are the latest player in the mobile service sector in India. Hails from the Reliance family, they own a pan India license for providing 4G service all over the country and has one of the largest optical fiber network in India. Before the upcoming commercial launch of the service in January 2017, they started providing their service to the public for free in order to test their full service capacity and thus making sure they abide by the QoS (Quality of Service) regulations mandated by TRAI (Telecom Authority of India). It's obvious that JIO is going to be a real challenge for the incumbents and ultimately beneficial to the people. I'm still not a JIO customer but I soon will be. Let's hope for the best to happen in 2017.


Date published : 5:22 PM, 30-12-2016, Friday
Last updated : 9:51 PM, 05-01-2017, Thursday


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