The Year in Review : 2016

year in review 2016

The year's almost over. Despite all those difficulties I had, 2016 was a great year; one of the best I can remember. Many things do account for that. Things have changed, new ones happened, new experiences, new friends, skills, milestones and more. So this is a look back on all those what happened this year that made me happy, laugh, cry, remorse and everything that made my year mine.

These are some of the best things happened for me this year. Just realized : this is going to be a long post.

The Good

1. Published my project website

Yeah. What else can be greater than this ! It was like a dream come true. I had to work really hard to get things done, spent a lot of time on this and finally I was able to finish it. Now I have my preferred domain and unlimited space for hosting and I see them as great deal of accomplishment.

2. Got my driving license

After many uncertainties, I finally got my driving license. I had to dedicate myself to overcome all the stumbling blocks I came across along the way. I was so nervous then. Glad I made it. Hoosh!

3. Worked at Spintech Electronics

Though I only worked there for a few months, it was an all new experience working in a private limited company. Learned a lot of things from there.

4. Joined "Edison Science Corner" WhatsApp group

ESC was founded by Rajesh KT, a B.Sc Physics student from Idukki and an electronic enthusiast. Meeting new people online and interacting with them was one of the best thing I've done this year. I got many friends from there, all with like minds. I couldn't have made that many friends without ESC. Thanks to Rajesh.

5. Started pursuing PG in Electronics

Milestone! I got admission for M.Sc Electronics at College of Applied Science, Mavelikkara. This will be my priority for the next two years. I have to finish it good.

6. Became Top-100 reviewer at

The ranking was declining recently because I have no time to write good reviews. But once I was at position #64.

7. Upgraded my broadband to 2 Mbps

You might think why this is even here. Because I had a 1 Mbps connection before. I upgraded my plan to 2 Mbps as per a special offer. So now I can connect to the internet at a better speed. Isn't that great ?

8. Bought a 24 inch Full HD BenQ monitor

This is the best purchase I did this year. I really really love this product. It enabled me to use every resource I had effectively and efficiently. I become more productive and that's a good thing.

9. Started following Elon Musk

He is the one most inspired me this year. He surely is a rocket potato and will continue being my source of inspiration among others.

10. Rooted my Moto G2

After many miserable events, I rooted my phone running on M. Thanks to Google for making our lives "harder".

11. Made initial plans and created logo for my future company

Yeah, it's on the way. Prepare to be amazed ;)

12. Started shared hosting at

This is like punching right on the nose of Google (saying "damn you") and declaring freedom!

13. Built my first benchtop variable power supply the way I wanted

This is the best project I did this year. The result was beyond what I had imagined. But it's still not perfect. I'll use this to build my dream advanced power supply with all the features I need.

14. Built a fully installable Surge Protector

This was something I always wanted - my primary defense against lightning surge.

15. Upgraded my lap's RAM to 8 GB

You might consider this as silly. But this was good upgrade for me (LoL).

16. Published my first YouTube video

This was yesterday and I'm really excited.

17. Got access to my lost FB accounts and deleted them

There were these couple of lost accounts of mine in FB. I lost access to them about 5 years ago. I had forgotten the password and lost the usernames; due to a bug in FB. But recently I was able to find a way to reset the password and regain access to them. This was the most relieving event of the year.

18. Published my public PGP key on facebook

In case you want to send me some secrets ;)

19. Sent a mail to 28 year old me via

I don't know if I will live that longer (there's always an uncertainty, right ?), but I sent one anyway.

20. Started playing CS GO

Yeah, now I play it everyday <3

21. Started my Flickr photo stream, SoundCloud stream and Git repo

More platforms to be in.

The Bad

Life isn't always about happiness or success; it comes with many other things that are unexpected. But I'm not going to list them here, the bads. Instead I'll keep them myself :)

New Friends

I made a handful of friends this year, most of whom I met via facebook and WhatsApp. I got many new friends from all around the state, through ESC group. Some of them are Irshad PI, Lokesh Acharya, Midhun Chandran, Midhun MP, Rajesh KT, Midhun Mathew, Pranav Madhu and many.

Ahead We Go!

Great many things had happened this year that I haven't listed here; good and bad. But I'm happy for what I have, and what I've done. I hope I could do things better next year and I hope you all had a great year. Don't worry if not; things will change. They won't be the same always.

Do what you love, love what you do. Have a great start next year :)


Date published : 2:10 PM, 29-12-2016, Thursday
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