Got My Google Local Guides Special Socks as Gift

Google Local Guides special socks

So I recently received the special gift from Google - Special Local Guides socks! I know what you're thinking now. Honestly I don't know how I got the chance to get this special perk from Google. Nobody seems to know the criteria based on Google choose the awardees. I was only at Level 4 when I received the mail from Google; now I'm at Level 5 though. Some of my friends who have much more points at higher levels never got anything like this. So they were all complaining.

In case you didn't know, a Local Guide is anyone who contributes information about places, shops, roads etc and upload relevant images and videos of that places to Google Maps. Your google reviews are also counted. To become a Local Guide all you need is a Google account. When you contribute more and more info, you will gain reputation points and unlock new levels.

Google Local Guides special perks card.

Google Local Guides my current status.

Mail from Google

Google Local Guides my current status.

My current Google Maps contribution status

I received mail with a redeem code in it. I was redirected to a website where I could put in my code, fill the address and place the order. The shipping was free. It was sent from Turkey in a standard envelope.

Google Local Guides special socks envelope.

What I can tell you is if you keep actively contributing to Google Maps, you might win a chance for the special gift sooner. I hear that it's not just the socks they give away, but other items too. So keep contributing - add more images, accurate place descriptions etc. If you're not a Local Guide already

Google Local Guides special perks.

Google Local Guides special perks.

Google Local Guides special perks.

Google Local Guides special perks.


Date published : 10:59 PM 20-01-2020, Monday
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