Best Syntax Highlighting Scheme for C/C++

I've been into programming for a while. I started out with usual C/C++ like everyone else as a part of my studies. When you are a programmer you'll have to spent a lot of time in front of your PC coding. What matters then is the syntax highlighting. It allows you to colorize your code for easy navigation and finding errors. I use all of the popular IDEs available for C/C++ programming including DevC++ and Code-Blocks. All of them have custom syntax highlighting schemes. In fact, syntax colors depend on individual flavors. In my opinion a good and smart syntax highlighting scheme shall have the following features,

  • It must not strain your eyes while coding.
  • It should be easy for navigation.
  • The programmer should be able to differentiate between keywords, numbers, symbols etc easily.

minimal atmega328 pinout

Son of Obsidian in Dev C++

So this is what I finally came up with. It would be the best (?) syntax highlighting scheme for C/C++. It has a dark gray background . None of the other colors will strain your eyes except the red, which is for errors !

DevC++ users can download the syntax file and move it to the folder, usually C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Roaming\Dev-Cpp, where the configuration files are stored. This syntax scheme can be ported to other IDEs including Code-Blocks, Netbeans etc which I've tried.

I used the Export -> HTML option in the DevC++ to export the sample file. The values in the brackets are RGB values. This is actually a modified version of the already available syntax in DevC++ called Obsidian.


  1. Download the syntax file
  2. Obsidian Color Scheme
  3. Son of Obsidian in Code-Blocks


Date published : 9:56 PM, 02-12-2014, Tuesday
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