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I am Vishnu M aka Vishnu M Aiea and I hail from Kollam, Kerala in southern India. Personally, I would describe myself as [takes deep breath] an introvert, skeptical, enthusiastic, introspective, open-minded, irreligious, rational, ethical and practical, and sometimes I am reckless, disrespectful, irresponsible, unpunctual, unwitty and unsociable [grins]

One thing I am having plenty to spare is my curiosity. For that reason, I have my interest on almost all realms of Science and Technology, especially in Electronics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Theoretical Physics. I completed M.Sc in Electronics after finishing B.Sc on the same. I am a wannabe Amateur Radio Operator or Ham and my callsign is VU3VTU.

I spend most of my time for learning new things and experimenting, or so I want. Because I do procrastinate a lot. Still my spirit is always high for learning. Anything I wouldn't know about, you have my ears. I try to broaden my knowledge by reading reading mostly books and the internet. I also like to learn things by getting my hands dirty. That's what I meant by experimenting. I do my experiments with electronic circuits nowadays, including designing, testing and implementing new circuits and get experienced with new technologies.

Programming is something else I like to experiment with. I am not an expert at it by any means. My first choice for a programming language is C/C++ and I also like JavaScript. My favorite microcontrollers are AVR and STM32s and I am a huge fan of Arduino and other open source hardware platforms. I publish most of my projects and creations under CC-BY-NC (hardware designs) amn MIT (software).

My other interests are photography and percussion. I used to take photographs with Nikon D60 and D90 before. You can see all those photos in my flickr photo-stream. Percussion or rhythm is my innate talent (am I bragging too much?)

"Passion is what you make the soul to strive for perfection"

Then I am into filmmaking, music, philosophy, motorcycling and what not. Just one life right? I want to learn and do as many things as possible before I die.

About this website

I created this website to document my projects, share them to the world, and to have a place where I can dump my thoughts. The first version of this site was published on May 22, 2016 and was based on Google Sites. On Jan 15, 2019, I published the new version with a mobile friendly interface which was built on CodeIgniter.

This website has the main domain which is pointed to the www subdomain. Files are delivered by over HTTPS.

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