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Attack Helicopter in SketchUp

This is a concept attack helicopter modeled in Google SketchUp. I needed a 3D modeling software to design some models for my electronics hardware projects. So I found Google SketchUp that was enough for me. It lacks almost all the advanced features of typical 3D/CAD softwares but that's what make SketchUp different. It is simple and still able to satisfy starters like me. Google SketchUp is now known as Trimble SketchUp.

This was my first design in SketchUp. Actually I was trying to model an Boeing Apache but ended up like this. It has resemblance to the HAL Light Combat Helicopter (LCH). My aim was to design something in SketchUp, try all the tools etc which I think I have now.

It is not a perfect model and has many artifacts. I can't do better because I can't spent too much time on these. I'd like to share it anyway. :)