Some of my 2D graphics, 3D models and drawing works I'd like to share. I'm not a skilled artist or anything; all my works are of mediocre quality if not trash. I do it just for fun.

Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki Intruder
This one is the perfect drawing I've ever done with pen. I first used pencil to draw the outline, finalized it and then used pen to draw over it and filled the shapes carefully. I think I've got the proportions right on this Read more...

Posted on : 12:34 AM 11-06-2017, Sunday

Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja
When I was in high school, cars and bikes were my greatest fascinations. I was too obsessed with them that I'd spent all the money I gather to buy auto magazines like Fastrack and Top Gear, every month. I knew about all the new cars and bikes on the road, their features, specs and I kept myself up to date on that depot. Sometimes I engage in deep discussions (of childish standard of course) with Read more...

Posted on : 12:51 PM 10-06-2017, Saturday

Attack Helicopter

Attack helicoopter
This is a concept attack helicopter modeled in Google SketchUp. I needed a 3D modeling software to design some models for my electronics hardware projects. So I found Google SketchUp that was enough for me. It lacks almost all the advanced features of typical 3D/CAD softwares but that's what make SketchUp different. It is simple and still able to satisfy starters like me. Google SketchUp is...Read more

Posted on : 5:40 PM 13-12-2014-Saturday