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Why So Sad ?

Subject : A screenshot of a Google search result for ":(" taken from from Google Chrome and quotes "Why So Sad ? Recursion may be !" under it.

Theme : If you search for :( in Google, you'll be shown a message says,

"Your search - :( - did not match any documents."

and it'll tell you to try different keywords ! Looking at the message gives a feeling that Google actually felt really sad that it couldn't find any result for our search. LoL ! There's more fun to this if you could see the recursivity of the situation because it recursively seems as if Google feeling sad when we actually searched for a smiley that represents sadness. That's why it says "Recursion may be !"

But why ? Google search engine usually ignores special characters and combinations of them except for some such as an 'asterisk' (*). Because otherwise if Google doesn't do that, you'd be flooded with results showing every web page containing those characters, which isn't what you want.


Date published : 10:16 PM 06-05-2016, Friday
Last updated : 2:11 PM 07-05-2016, Saturday