Hire Me

Available for hire at INR 300/hour (~USD 4.44/hour)

Currently I hold a degree in Electronics and I have worked in two companies as System Designer. Electronics is more like a passion for me. I always try to expand my knowledge on all my fields of interest especially electronics, computer, web etc. I've done many projects on these, both for personal and for others, and you can see some of them in this website. If you think I'm good enough to do what you want, I can help you with a professional quality service. I'll list some of my skills and achievements here so that you can make a decision.

Electronics Research and Development

This is what I'm good at. I can design simple circuits to even commercial electronic products. My design strategy involves research, development, prototyping, testing, documentation and standardization.
  • Complete Embedded System development on platforms including 8051, PIC, AVR, MSP430, ARM Cortex M (STM32, MSP432), ESP8266 and ESP32.
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Teensy project development with GSM, WiFi, Xbee, Bluetooth and nRF interfaces.
  • Analog and Digital systems design.
  • Electronic Product development, prototyping and testing.
  • Schematic capture and multi-layer PCB designing.
  • No DSP, RF yet ! :)
So if you want to develop something on electronics or something that requires electronics -- that usually won't be buyable from the market -- for your home, office or anything, you can contact me. I'll evaluate your idea or concept once you reveal it and tell whether I can do it or not.

Web Development

I'm a self taught web developer. I had developed many websites in the past and some of them are still up.
  • Static website development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (no dynamic yet !)
  • Google Sites development.
  • Website SEO and social promotion.
  • Domain registration and maintenance.
  • Web hosting and maintenance.

Graphics and Logo Designing

I do raster editing and graphics designing in Photoshop and vector designing in Illustrator.
  • Logo designing.
  • Chart, diagrams designing.
  • Photo editing.
  • Icons and graphics for web.


Documentation is the process of tracking, collecting, gathering, sorting and recording information when it is created, for the purpose of later use or publication.
  • Visual documentation (Photo and Video)
  • 3D modeling on SketchUp and Fusion 360
  • 2D drawings on Illustrator and LayOut.
  • Text documentation in Word.

PC and Laptop Repair and Maintenance

  • New PC building.
  • PC and laptop troubleshooting and repair.
  • OS and software installation.
  • Virus removal and data recovery.
  • Overclocking and hardware configuration.

Free Technical Assistance via E-Mail

Yeah it's free. If you want help with any of your electronic projects, or want to buy a laptop, phone, build a PC, source electronic components etc, please drop a mail in my inbox and I'll let you know if I can help you with anything ASAP.

OK. That's everything I'm currently interested in doing. If you're interested in hiring me for doing anything listed above, just mail me or use the contact form or my social profiles. Thanks :)