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My favourite and may be some of your's favourite YouTube channels. :)

1. Vsauce

Vsauce needs no introduction, everybody knows him.

2. Veritasium

One of the most famous Physics related YouTube channel.

3. The School of Life

Teaches you how to live a better life.

4. ColdFusion TV

Gives you full insight of events that only progress very slowly and usually unnoticed by the media.

5. Sci-Show

Explains you everything on science with added humor.

6. The Economist

The source for high quality short documentaries and videographics.

7. Thoughty2

Collection of compilation of the most interesting facts of life, science and history, and one man.

8. Khan Academy

You can learn anything.

9. Shankar Tucker

The journey of a man through Indian music.

10. VICE News

Better understand what's happening around the world.

11. RT

Raw and instant videos of everything happening in the Europe.

12. Iraqveteran8888

If you love guns, you should love this. I do.

13. TED Ed

Learn from the experts.

14. Complexity Academy

Everything about complex systems and theory.


Facts about everything.

16. GreatScott!

Though he self-proclaims as great, it's true that he has a great collection of electronics how tos and project  videos in his channel.


Date published : 10:03 PM 20-05-2016, Friday
Last updated : 8:20 PM 16-08-2016, Tuesday