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Solder Residue : The Mysterious Culprit

solder residue
This is a small story about how I found the mysterious culprit that was hindering with one of my experiment and baffled me for two whole days.

The story goes like this : I was trying to setup a serial communication bridge to test the GUI software I was making for the Mini CNC Plotter. The software is being developed on Processing. I've finished designing the basic algorithms..  Read more..

Posted on : 9:40 PM 20-05-2017, Saturday

Are we in a simulation ?

Are we in a simulation ?
've heard people including Tesla Motors' CEO, Elon Musk, say that we're in a dream or simulation, matrix or something, that the universe as a whole is big computer simulation. Really ? I've always wondered about such a possibility and the reason why people could be saying so. I know it's hard to define reality and to draw the line between what is real and what is not. We haven't been able to... Read more..

Posted on : 10:47 AM 20-02-2017, Monday

Year's Broadband Usage : 2016

Broadband Usage 2016
I always make these type of infographic at the end of every year. It gives me an instant insight on what my broadband usage was like and how much I spent for it. This year my internet usage surpassed 1 TB for download. That may not be a jaw dropping number for you, but it's really for me when considering the fact that where I live, internet speeds and ease of access is still at its rudimentary state. Read more..

Posted on : 5:22 PM 30-12-2016, Friday

Year In Review : 2016

Year in review 2016
The year's almost over. Despite all those difficulties I had, 2016 was a great year; one of the best I can remember. Many things do account for that. Things have changed, new ones happened, new experiences, new friends, skills, milestones and more. So this is a look back on all those what happened this year that made me happy, laugh, cry, remorse and everything that made my year mine. Read more..

Posted on : 2:10 PM 29-12-2016, Thursday

Google is retiring Classic Sites

New Google Sites
That's sad but true. Google is going to retire the "Classic Google Sites" somewhere around the beginning of 2018. This was announced in the Google G Suite updates blog along with the public release of the "New Google Sites". The new sites is Google's attempt to make the websites created using their service more user and device friendly, and to enforce more versatile and robust web standards. This is what they said on their blog.. Read more

Posted on : 9:02 AM 06-12-2016, Tuesday

Why Do We Count ?

as watching Vsauce's "How to count past infinity ?" video on YouTube and then something started baffling my mind. I thought I should write it down. My question is simple; what is infinity ? Just like we asked what random was. So what is infinity ? To answer that question we first have to define some primitive concepts like counting. Why do we count ? Why does count or a value or a measurement matter at all... Read more

Posted on : 10:02 PM 17-04-2016, Sunday

Why I Love Arduino ?

My Arduino
hy I love Arduino ? I got to know Arduino even before I learned what micro-controller was. I first saw Arduino when I was surfing the web three and a half years ago. I fell in love with Arduino at first sight seeing the logo. It was beautiful and made me curious. It always happen to me with this well designed electronic circuits, devices, toys etc and even a chrome plated screw. I have a few of them in my collection... Read more

Posted on : 12:43 PM 08-06-2015, Monday