Sometimes we find it difficult to find something on the web even if it has almost everything. I know because I do. These are some helpful and resourceful articles which I think save some of your time. 

List of Indian Online DIY Stores

List of Indian Online DIY Stores

hen it comes to buying parts for your 3D printer or RC cars or even modules and sensors for your Arduino, Indian makers do not have that many choices that offer quality products for reasonable prices, compared to what available to foreign makers. Though there has been a surge in these online market places sprouting up everywhere in India, some of them as startups. Read more..

Posted on : 3:26 PM 11-06-2017, Sunday

Best Syntax Highlighting for C/C++

Syntax Highlighting
've been into programming for a while. I started out with usual C/C++ like everyone else as a part of my studies. When you are a programmer you'll have to spent a lot of time in front of your PC coding. What matters then is the syntax highlighting. It allows you to colorize your code for easy navigation and finding errors. I use all of the popular IDEs available for... Read more

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