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Vishnu M Aiea

Hi, I'm 
Vishnu M aka Vishnu M Aiea and I'm from Kerala, India. I describe myself as someone with never ending curiosity to know about everything around him. I have my interest on almost all fields of science and technology, especially in Electronics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Theoretical Physics. Currently I'm pursuing my M.Sc in Electronics after completing B.Sc on the same. I got my Amateur Wireless Operator license on 2014 and my call sign is VU3VTU, though you won't find me on air these days.

I spend most of my time for learning new things and experimenting. Anything I wouldn't know about is a new thing for me. So I try to broaden my knowledge by reading mostly from the internet and books. I also like to learn things by actually doing them. That's what I meant by experimenting. I do my experiments with electronic circuits nowadays, including designing, testing and implementing new circuits and get experienced with new technologies. Programming is something else I like to experiment with. My favourite programming language is C/C++ and I also like Java, JavaScript etc. My favourite microcontroller is AVR and I'm a huge fan of Arduino.

My other hobbies or interests are photography and percussion. I love photography very much. I used to take photos with Nikon D60 and D90 before. You can see all those photos in my flickr photo-stream. I consider rhythm as my passion.

"Passion is what you make the soul to strive for perfection"

Here in my project website, I have documented some of the projects I've done so far in electronics hardware and computer software. They include some Arduino based projects too. The Resource page has things that you may not find anywhere else on the web. I've listed some of my favourite websites under the Favourites page. I hope you will find everything here useful. Thanks. Have a good time :)

About this website

I created this website using Google Sites and uses a custom domain. Google Sites is similar to WordPress or blogger but with some (many!) limitations. I used to host all my files on Google Drive because it was easy to import files from Drive to Sites; but not anymore ! There are many constraints associated with Sites such as the limited storage space, lack of file manager etc. So I recently bought space for hosting files and that means I don't need "Google" anymore to run my site. Also Google will retire classic version of Sites soon - read it here.

This site has two addresses; the native Google Sites address, https://sites.google.com/site/vu3vtu  and a custom domain www.vishnumaiea.in. This site is not optimized for mobile devices. So you might see everything cluttered if you're on your phone. Switch to "desktop view" if you have problems. I'm currently rebuilding my website from scratch. It'll be a much better version of the site I have here and of course it'll be mobile friendly.

Every post has its publishing date and last updated date placed at the bottom. The time format is hh:mm AM/PM (GMT +05:30 IST) and date format is dd-mm-yyyy day

Reference links to external websites or within my website are provided under the Links section.

You can find all the pages in the sitemap and search anything on this site using the search box on the top.

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If you have any questions regarding the info on this website, any suggestions, just mail me on vishnumaiea@gmail.com or use the contact form in the Contact page. Below are the links to my social profiles.

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